Monday, May 16, 2011

Coffee lover approves the new Starbucks mocha coconut frappuccino

Starbucks recently released two new frappuccinos- The mocha coconut frappuccino and the coconut creme frappuccino. Once I saw the tantalizing promotions, although I do not frequent $tarbucks, I had to step into my local shop to try out this new flavor frapp. I'm so glad I did too. I love the new Starbucks mocha coconut frappuccino! It was delicious. The coconut crunchies on the top really set it off! I enjoyed it so much that I actually had to come back to get another one. This time I wanted to try the coconut mocha flavor, but with a twist. So I asked if they could make the mocha coconut hot, instead of in frappuccino form. Apparently, they don't have a recipe for it, but any Starbucks barista should be knowledgeable and happy to make one specially for you. Also, if you don't enjoy the flavor of coffee, Starbucks offers the coconut creme frapp which is coffee free, but just as delicious! I highly recommend any one who enjoys coffee and or coconut to stop by their local Starbucks coffee shop and try out the new mocha coconut or coconut creme frappuccino!